Calgary is a fast-paced and hard-working city. The city is always improving and growing with numerous commercial, social and real estate initiatives. This means that each year new and stunning communities come about within our great city. In 2016, the north of Calgary saw the largest amount of new community developments. In the Northeast, Cornerstone and Savanna began development and in the Northwest, Carrington and Livingston became available for residents. These gorgeous new communities offer a range of great benefits and real estate opportunities. Please feel free to contact Sali Homes with your Cornerstone, Savanna, Carrington and Livingston real estate needs!


Cornerstone is the largest of the new North Calgary community developments. When fully completed Cornerstone is poised to have over 12,000 property developments as single-family homes, multi-family complexes and condos. This enormous community is located beside Sky View Ranch and offers great local shopping opportunities, efficient transportation routes and access to schools for residents of any age. This exciting development is poised to bring a strong boost in population and overall attractiveness to Calgary’s culture-rich Northeast!


Savanna is expected to showcase 2,800 homes when the community reaches completion. Outstanding community and property developers like Homes by Avi, Excel Homes, Cardel Homes and Arcuri Homes have been contracted to each take a part in the completion of this community. These builders have been recently responsible for the successful development of communities like Panorama Hills in the North of Calgary and Walden in the city’s South sector. The builder professionalism is poised to lead to an impressive community, with professionally developed properties throughout!


Mattamy Homes announced that they would be following through with the full development of Carrington near the end of 2016. Listings became available in the first few months of 2016 and when completed, Carrington is set to provide 3,400 homes for prospective Calgary buyers. Within the development plan of Carrington, environmental reserve plans were outlined, as well as commercial development space and 7.6 hectares of park space. This fully planned community showcases amenities and homes that are and will become further ideal for families and singles alike!


The final North community that began development in 2016 was Livingston. This new community is another enormous development, which upon completion will have over 10,000 residencies, housing over 30,000 Calgarians. Livingston aims to showcase creative and unique as well as affordable housing options for Calgarians families, singles and first-time homebuyers alike. This new community will provide high-quality building materials, personalised designs and innovative features. Contact Sali Homes for more information!
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