If you are ready to invest in a luxury home, the property should be 100% perfect for you. This condo or single-family home needs to offer every advantage in regards to functionality and privacy as well as look exactly as you want. Your luxury home will truly be the home of your dreams.
Luxury single-family homes and condos are in a prime location, developed in the highest quality and tend to carry a high price tag. Luxury homes are also known to be quite private. Luxury homes are perfect for those after a home that provides ample space, has great benefits and is ideal for their lifestyle.
You can trust Sali Homes Real Estate with your Calgary luxury Real Estate needs. We have the local market expertise and years of professional real estate experience to exceed your expectations.

What Makes A Luxury Home?

Luxury homes promote the best and most from their exterior style, interior design, appliances, location and more. These are some known factors of a luxury home in Calgary:

  • Prime Location – Luxury homes are located in the most advantageous locations. The top of a hill, offering amazing views, backing onto lakes or rivers, or having tons of personal land is all common for luxury homes.
  • Privacy – Privacy is a key factor a luxury home. Extended driveways, acre of yard space, penthouse condo levels and other luxurious aspects of the home can add to its level of owner privacy.
  • High Quality – Luxury homes don’t miss details or sacrifice quality in any regard. The highest quality materials and appliances are used throughout luxury homes.
  • Luxurious Benefits – Luxury homes offer in-house amenities that the average Calgary home cannot. Theater rooms, arcade rooms, large decontamination showers, guest houses, pools and more are commonly found in the most luxury of Calgary homes.
  • Design Speciality – One aspect of a luxury home that is separate from an average home is the consideration of designs provenance. Having a famous designer or architect build out your interior layout, exteriors style, furniture or another aspect can add a true touch of luxury to your home.

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Luxury Estates Calgary

Estates are commonly known as a number of properties, bundled under a single owner. Calgary has a number of luxury estates found in different areas of the city. Inner city communities like Pump Hill, Britannia, Mount Royal, Eagle Ridge among other high-end communities offer a range of luxury estate options. Springbank, Dewinton and other more rural areas are also known to harbor a number of luxury houses, farms, and acreages.

Selling A Luxury Home

When selling a luxury home, specific considerations need to be looked at that are net required when selling a more average priced Calgary home. The real estate market and general economy of the city will dictate whether you are able to get the right price for the home. What lifestyle will the home depict? Is it ideal for a successful young entrepreneur or an affluent family? The sale timeline you require is another major consideration. Finding the right buyer for a luxury home can take more time than it would with a lesser-priced and personalized property.

Luxury Condos Calgary

Luxury condos make up some of the best condos in Calgary. From the penthouse floor of the Keynote building to the penthouse of The River, there are a variety of luxury condos in Calgary. Luxury condos are often found in the top or upper levels floors of high-quality condo developments. Some luxury condos can offer the potential buyer an entire floor of the building. Thousand plus feet of balcony space coupled with over 5,000 square feet of interior space can be had with a luxury Calgary condo.

Luxury Homes Calgary


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