Buying your first home is an exciting experience! Though, without the proper amount if real estate knowledge, buying your first home can seem like a stressful and daunting task. Some renters or prospective buyers tend to avoid their initial home purchase for some time, due to a lack of understanding regarding the property purchase process and due to a fear of making first-time homebuying mistakes. Utilize these tips to help make sure that you are ready to embark on your first home buying experience!
If you have any further questions or are interested in professional home purchasing services, do not hesitate to contact Sali Homes today! We have the industry knowledge, experience and overall passion that makes us ideal for helping you find the perfect home for your budget, lifestyle and long-term plans. Call or email Sali Homes today so that we can make your first home purchase a fun, stress-free and rewarding process!

Find What Type of Home Is Best For You

There are a number of home styles that Calgary has to offer. Single-family homes, condos, townhouses, multi-family complexes and more can be found in our city and each offer similar as well as style-specific benefits. Are you looking for a downtown property to be close to work, a “fixer-upper” that suits your budget, a home to raise a family in, or have other goals with your property? These considerations, regarding your current lifestyle and long-term home goals, need to be taken in or order to ensure that you are able to begin your home search on the right foot!

Identify The Specific Features That Your Home Will Need

Build a list of desirable features that your perfect home would have. Do you need multiple appliances for cooking, a developed basement, large backyard, specific lighting features or other specific high-quality aspects within your home? It is important to remain somewhat flexible in this list, but a home that meets the bulk of these key features could be the ideal choice for you and or your loved ones. At Sali Homes, we can help you find the home that best represents these features while remaining in your personal budget!

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Discover The Mortgage You Will Be Approved For

Before you begin considering homes for purchase, it is important to meet with your bank to discover the mortgage type and amount that you will be approved for. Your desired home location, style, and features may lead you to a property that is more expensive than you can currently afford. Your current financial situation, income, job security and more will be considered when your mortgage application is designed. Use our mortgage calculator for more information!

Identify The Best Way To Pay For Your Home

A mortgage payment is not the only consideration when figuring out how expensive of a pretty you can afford. Prospective buyers need to consider the home total cost. This will include the monthly mortgage payment, how much down payment you can provide (20% and up is usually ideal), property taxes, bills and insurance, property maintenance costs, closing costs and much more can all be involved in identifying the true total cost of a home. Before you apply for a mortgage or begin searching for a home, consider what total costs you will be able to manage!

Utilize Professional Home Buying Services

Real estate agents can help with nearly every step and aspect of your home buying process! At Sali Homes, we can help you to understand your home’s total cost allowance, the ideal home-style, location and more. We can help provide the ideal home purchasing prospects for your identified needs. After you have selected your winning home, we can help you decide on your specific offer, and help negotiate with the seller throughout the purchasing process. Feel free to contact Sali Homes today for more information!

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