In recent years, walkability has become an increasingly valued aspect of a new community search. A community’s walkability refers to how easy a community is to live in and enjoy, without a vehicle. Singles, families and seniors all value walkability.
Walkability provides financial savings, while improves the health and mood of residents. Neighbourhoods that are highly walkable also help our environment by depleting the amount of CO2 produced by our vehicles. Walkable communities tend to be tight-knit, urban and amenity rich.
If you are a senior that doesn’t like driving, and environmentally conscious single or a family looking to decrease the vehicle costs, walkability is a key aspect of defining your perfect community. These 5 communities offer efficient walking routes to their diverse amenities and further transportation options. For more information on walkable Calgary communities, call or email Sali Homes today!


Bridgeland is one of the oldest communities in Calgary and was established with the City in 1908. Immigrating families from Italy and Germany initially populated this community. This created a family-focused and cosy environment, which resulted in real estate with large lots and classic bungalow homes. The Bridgeland Market, along with several schools and local businesses are all held within this 3 square kilometre community. Even the Calgary Zoo is a mere 20-minute walk from the heart of Bridgeland.


Many highly walkable communities were established before cars were as commonly used as they are today. Oakridge is a prime example of this, as the community was built in the early 1970’s and showcases large sidewalks and conveniently placed community amenities. Pathways in Oakridge can connect nearly every home with the Oakridge Community Association as well as local schools. Oakridge was designed to benefit the pedestrian, rather than the motorists or cyclist.

McKenzie Towne

McKenzie Towne was constructed in the 1990’s though showcases a community design and properties that resemble years past. The bulk of the real estate found in McKenzie Towne is condos and townhouses, promoting more conveniently located homes and socialisation amongst residents. The McKenzie Towner Centre is also walking distance from any home in the community and offers numerous business, fitness facilities, resteraunts and more.

Nolan Hill

Nolan Hill is both one of Calgary’s newest and yet most walkable communities. The community utilises old ruin-like rocks to intrigue individuals and residents to explore the community. While walking, residents feel the breeze from the nearby farmland and embrace the country feel that Nolan Hill offers. This promoted exploration is complimented by conveniently located sight seeing points, businesses, resteraunts, schools, emergency service providers and much more.


Mission is a very small community, with so much to offer. Mission is home to the Talisman Centre, which provides several recreational outlets. Mission also backs onto the Elbow River, which can be perfect for hiking and relaxing with loved ones. Mission is also home to 4th Street SW, which harbours numerous unique resteraunts, fashion boutiques and other interesting businesses. This community offers an absolute range of great amenities and is small enough that residents can easily reach these amenities by foot.

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