Calgary is home to several stunning parks and green spaces. Many Calgary neighbourhoods also provide access to amazing provincial and other large parks. Theses can range from fields to forestry to playgrounds and more. Convenience to local parks can promote a very cooperative and family-friendly community.
Several parks in Calgary can be ideal for different purposes. For example, Fish Creek Provincial Park can offer extremely scenic walking paths, while a school field offers convenience to homes and great a playground for children. Some parks are simply ideal for relaxing, spending time with loved ones and for picnicking.
These parks are perfect for spending time with your friends, engaging in recreational activities, enjoying rivers or mountain views as well as for picnicking and BBQ’s. These parks provide great opportunities to make the most out of a weekend, to get some sun and to enjoy freshly cooked food in a unique environment. These are five great parks; all located in different Calgary communities that offer aesthetic pathways, open green spaces, great views, picnic areas and other wonderful amenities.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is beautiful. The park is located in Park Hill along the Elbow River and works in cooperation with the numerous luxury and riverside homes to provide great views within the park. Several free-to-use grills and picnic tables are also available, making this park ideal for outdoor eating. Stanley Park is also home to the Stanley Park Public Pool, which is a very unique and sought-after benefit that this park offers its attendees.

Edworthy Park

Found in the community of Wildwood, Edworthy Park is home to numerous picnic tables; shelters, fire pits and more that make this ideal for BBQ’s and picnics. Edworthy Park also offers both open green space and forested pathways. The parks can be ideal for playing sports, as well as for small hikes. Edworthy Park backs onto the Bow River making it great for river activities, cooling off and for increasing the overall aesthetics of the park.

Bowness Park

Bowness Park, located in Bowness, is stunning and full of unique amenities that attract park attendee’s from across Calgary. Bowness Park is full of picnic tables and BBQ areas, as well as centres on a small pond or “lagoon”. This park is perfect for picnics, though also offers the Seasons Of Bowness Park café located within the area. The park also offers paddleboat rentals and in the winters, the lagoon forms a skating pathway around the park.

Carburn Park

Carburn Park offers an upscale park setting that remains clean and in good condition. With several BBQ pits under a large picnic shelter, Carburn Park can be made perfect for outdoor eating in the community of Riverbend. The shelters and pits can also be booked out for private events. Carburn Park is home to three man-made ponds that allow for canoes, paddleboats and other non-motorized watercrafts, as well as fishing.

Sandy Beach Park

The name is somewhat deceptive, as the Sandy Beach Park does not harbour sand or any major beaches. Though, this Britannia-based park does offer a large green space that borders the Elbow River. The park is a great launch point for river rafting or canoeing, as well as offers a peaceful ad scenic environment for picnics. Sandy Beach Park also has designated Picnic and BBQ areas as well as a number of pathways providing outlets for relaxing strolls or more serious exercise efforts.

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