Calgary is full of gorgeous communities that can appeal to diverse groups of buyers. There are a number of very established luxurious communities in Calgary as well as some that are on the up and up. Up & coming communities often offer lower property prices that are set to rise through community and amenity improvements. View this list of the best up & coming communities that our great city has to offer. Contact Sali Homes today for information about the Sali Homes listings in some of Calgary’s best up & coming communities!


Bowness has so much to offer residents in regards to nearby schools, downtown, WinSport and Canada Olympic Park as well as other great local amenities. Though areas of Bowness have been recognised as slightly rundown in years past. City and organisation funded improvements, poise Bowness to become one of the most exciting Calgary communities, for professional, academic and family focused residents alike. Bowness is one of the most exciting up & coming Calgary communities.


Ramsay is a gorgeous community. Some of the most unique an artistic home designs in Calgary reside in this community. Ramsay and Inglewood also offer the most culture-rich and irreplaceable shopping district in Calgary. Some consider Ramsay to be less than ideal in some ways due to nearby meat processing plant and deterred watering holes. Though, with an up and coming LRT station and the Bow River nearby, coupled with the existing benefits, this community showcases amazing promise for prospective buyers looking for a fun community nearby Calgary’s downtown core!


Renfrew is a hidden gem in the centre of Calgary. Renfrew hasn’t seen the same levels of recent real estate attraction as surrounding communities, which provides buyers with lower property costs. The community is also walking distance from Bridgeland shops and other great local resteraunts. Renfrew property prices are expected to rise in years to come. Now represents an ideal opportunity to purchase a Renfrew home!

Currie Barracks

Many years ago the community was military headquarters for the Canadian armed forces. These days Currie Barrack offers tonnes of green space, stunning condos and other gorgeous local amenities. Mountain views, immense pathways and wonderful proximity to Mount Royal University are offered in Currie Barracks. This “new-historic” community could become one of the most sought after Calgary communities. If you are interested in up & coming properties, for future resale value and hidden city beauties, then Currie Barracks could be the ideal neighbourhood for you!

Forrest Lawn

Affordable and yet, high-quality homes can be hard to find in Calgary. Not in on the community of Forrest Lawn. The somewhat tainted reputation of this community is beginning to dissipate, with lowering crime rates and increased local amenities. Forest Lawn is poised to become ever more attractive in years to come, which could lead to major boosts in commercial investment, and resale property value. In regards to up & coming Calgary communities, Forrest Lawn has a lot to offer!
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