One major consideration during your buying process is what property options and communities will harbour the best deal. Purchasing a new home is a large investment. Looking through listings from several neighbourhoods can help showcase where the best deals are found.
Defining what makes the “best” deal is a personal consideration. Potential buyers can be looking for the most space, best location, nicest interior or other key aspects all at the lowest possible cost. The key is to first determine what a “real estate deal” means for you before beginning your search.
Let Sali Homes find your ideal property. We can find a home that perfectly matched your needs while offering the best deal. Contact Sali Homes today for professional Calgary real estate services.

Luxury Real Estate Deals

Luxury homes in Calgary are known to be some the highest priced listings in the city. Though when a luxury home is foreclosed upon it can be put up for auction. This can provide the opportunity to achieve the home you have always wanted at a fraction of the price. In some Calgary and Alberta cases, luxury homes that are sold at auction can be purchased for less than half their initial value. If you have any questions about a luxury Real Estate listing in Calgary, contact Sali Homes today.

What Makes A Good Real Estate Deal

How do you find the best real estate deal for your specific desires? These are 4 simple tips to help ensure you find the perfect deal:

  • Foreclosed Homes – When mortgage payments are missed, the bank can foreclose on a home. The home is then put up for auction or sold directly through the bank. Foreclosed homes are often much less costly than listed Calgary properties.
  • Be Prompt – Get preapproved for a certain level of purchase from your bank so that you can jump on any major deal right away. Often times, sellers will quickly accept their first offer.
  • Absentee Owners – Homes that may not be listed but aren’t being lived in are known to belong to “absentee owners”. Contacting these individuals directly can lead to better sales deals.
  • Look At Lots Of Options – The more homes you look at the better you will understand the price range that you are likely going to be in. A common formula for deal hunting is: 200 initial views, 100 is good locations, 20 that show promise, 10 that seem realistic, 8 that could have a deal made on them, 1 to make your offer and have it accepted. The Active Market Watch offered by Sali Homes lets you monitor the market.

Calgary Real Estate Deals

Calgary is full of real estate deals. Some homes are very affordable properties that also offer great benefits. Other homes are showing steadily increasing property values that can lead to amazing home resale values in the future. Communities like Falconridge, Abbeydale and Martindale in the North, are poised to steadily increase in value, with community growth and investment plans. Deer Ridge, Walden, Lake Bonavista and others in the South can offer homes that not well priced but still provide amazing locational benefits.

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