Communities in the North East of Calgary can provide residents with comfortable lifestyles and a range of wonderful amenities. Calgary listings in the North East can be beautiful and deliver more affordable housing options than other quadrants, while still offering great build style, beautiful interiors and more. The North East of Calgary is also home to Calgary’s International Airport and is close to Cross Iron Mills Outlet Mall. The communities throughout the North East of Calgary have strong senses of local culture and have diverse populations. These 4 communities are commonly referred to as ideal North East neighbourhoods in regards to lifestyle amenities and real estate opportunities.


Bridgeland-Riverside is a beautiful community with longstanding culture, gorgeous homes and unique Calgary amenities. This community offers easy access to Deerfoot Trail and backs onto the Bow River. Bridgeland-Riverside also has the Calgary Zoo and Telus Spark Centre within the community. Local businesses like Luke’s Drug Mart and Tazza Deli & Grill are longstanding businesses that help create a strong local culture. Homes in Bridgeland-Riverside are beautiful and can provide gorgeous views of the city, the Bow River and of the Rocky Mountains.


Rundle is an attractive Calgary community that offers great real estate options and a variety of local amenities for potential North East homebuyers. With a healthy split of single-family homes and attached developments as well as condominiums, the well-priced real estate in Rundle can be ideal for a wide variety of buyers. Rundle borders the Trans-Canada highway, which provided residents with effective access to South Calgary and to the Mountains. The real estate and various community amenities found in Rundle can make the community very desirable.

Vista Heights

Vista Heights is a North West Calgary community that provides residents with a range of local amenities. The McCall Lake Golf Course and Airways Park are respectively bordering and inside Vista Heights. The Trans-Canada Highway and Deerfoot Trail border Vista Heights and offer extremely fast travel options for Vista Heights residents. Prospective buyers of Vista Heights homes will love the real estate diversity found in this community. Vista Heights homes, city location and various amenities can make the community one of more attractive in the North East of Calgary.


Renfrew is an exciting North East Calgary community that offers great travel benefits and borders Bottomlands Park. Spanning just over 2.5 square kilometers, Renfrew has a near even split of single-family homes and attached or apartment based housing. These moderately priced homes can provide a large variety in regards to community location, size, age and more. Local Renfrew businesses, parks, pathways and mountain views can make this community one of Calgary’s best up and coming communities.

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